Quad turbo V12 Toyota 86

So our UAE connection, Niall was having a look through the cars on display at the Emirates Custom Show in the Middle East, he stumbled on this insane bit of engineering!

Details are scarce unfortunately, and we aren’t even sure it runs (there doesn’t appear to be any clutch or brake master cylinder, and the engine barely even fits, so we aren’t confident whether it’s just a show piece or if it actually drives? Either way, it’s absolutely ridiculous! ** Update: there is a video of this thing RUNNING! Scroll to bottom.

A 1400kg Toyota 86 with a Toyota Century V12 engine, with not two, but FOUR rather sizeable turbochargers hanging off the sides… Claimed power output is a mild 800hp, but we suspect if this thing ever does run and is tuned to it’s full potential, it would make a whole lot more.

The Toyota Century is the only V12 in Toyota’s lineup. Designated the “1GZ-FE”.

The 1GZ-FE is a 5.0 L (4996 cc) V12 48-valve DOHC engine with variable valve timing (VVT-i) found in the Japanese limousine from 1997 to present.

It is unknown exactly what is done to this car, so for now – until we see it running, this is all we have!

Video credit: Niall Gunn.
Car built by: Kk Performance.